Saturday, March 04, 2006


Samuel "Doc" Gruber dived in U-1277


Artur Santos, Samuel "Doc" Gruber and Rui Caravelas.

The Bimini Biological Field Station Sharklab is a world famous facility owned and operated by shark biologist Dr. Samuel H. Gruber. The Sharklab offers marine biology internships to people interested in shark research and the conservation of the ocean's ecosystems .

Dr. Samuel H. Gruber dived in the U-1277. This is what he thinks...

Sr. Caravelas!! This was one of the most enjoyable and exciting dives I ever made.
Just touch the actual submarine was a moment in history that I shell never forget.
Please accept my gratitude and respect for taking care of me.
And please visit us at Bimini.
Your friend the Shark Doc.

Samuel H. Gruber

"Doc" in the sub.


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